Definition of HIIT

Definition of HIIT

woman kicking

HIIT training mix with kick boxing

So what exactly is HIIT? HIIT means high-intensity interval training. HIIT is a method of exercising in which you alternate low strength moderate training for more extreme driven training. High strength training normally has less rest in between sets, and you are typically working at more intense levels, whether it is raising more weight than you’re accustomed to, or sprinting harder than you would usually. Before you end up being afraid of HIIT, although the workouts are performed intensely, you work out for less time and burn more calories than you would exercise at a lower intensity level for hours in the end. A typical example of HIIT would be to run as extremely as you can for 30seconds, and walking for 1 minute. Doing exercises in this matter has been scientifically shown, to burn fats, and construct more muscle, much more rapidly than low-intensity exercises, or cardio.


Using HIIT is truly the most efficient way to exercise. Some of the benefits of HIIT training are:
promotes HGH production (human growth hormone)
increase metabolic process
enhances strength and endurance
improves total health
promotes weight loss
And increased insulin sensitivity, are just a few of the advantages of HIIT Training. Among the greatest benefits of utilizing HIIT, is called the after burn effect. Also referred to as EPOC (excess-post workout oxygen intake)? This is when you increase your metabolic process and burn more calories for approximately 24 hours after training. This can just be achieved through HIIT. Low-intensity exercise will not cause these effects.

HIIT TRAINING for beginners

You can combine HIIT into your exercise in lots of ways. It all depends on the objective that you are attempting to achieve. Please remember that although HIIT is the most efficient method to burn fat and build muscle, it is not a miracle routine! It is important that you offer your body with the proper nutrition, especially when carrying out such intense regimens. However, as I stated above, using HIIT depends on your objectives.

If your only wanting to drop weight, you might wish to start with high intensity sprints 2 or 3 times a week. I would recommend doing: 10reps of 30second intense sprints, with 1-minute rest in between each rep.

If you’re not fond running, you can do a series of workouts in which incorporating HIIT. For instance:

man doing one hand push up

one hand push up, not for beginner!

High knees 30secs
Burpees 30 secs
Push-ups 30secs
Floor sprints 30secs

Ensure to carry out each exercise back to back. After you have carried out the six activities, that is considered your 1st round. Recommend number of rounds are 2-3 of the above exercises. This will be very exhausting, and you might feel like quitting, however, don’t! Intensity is the point after all. After each round, you can rest for 1 minute. Even if you are just planning to reduce weight, it is recommended to include weight exercises at the end of the routine, depending on your fitness level, or on your off days.

HIIT as weight training

If you are looking to develop muscle and strength, it is advisable you alternate in between compound exercise, and isolation workouts. Compound exercises are the very best method to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously since you are using more than one muscle group. Examples of compound exercises are:

Shoulder Press
Power Cleans
Bench Press

There are other compound workout exercises you can do, and those above are the standard ones. An excellent regimen might integrate squats, deadlifts, and shoulder presses. You can apply HIIT by keeping your rest levels real low like 1-2 minutes and transitioning from one exercise to the next back to back. At the end of the workouts, you can pick one muscle group to isolate. You might want to think about doing, biceps, triceps muscles, and even chest. Although, you may also separate chest on a day where you do the bench press, maybe by integrating, chest flies with dumbells or dips.

Please keep in mind that the routine that is laid out is not written in stone. The purpose of the method set out above is to simply provide you an example of ways to integrate HIIT into all your training. There are a bunch of sites that offer free details on appropriate regimens that you can use and use HIIT better, so doing some research study can be very valuable. Anyway, you can see now how HIIT is certainly the most efficient method to train and to see fast outcomes! We hope that this article has influenced you to become a much better, much healthier and stronger you!

Video of an effective HIIT Exercises/Workout for beginners 2X20 rounds


2 Best MMA Fusions: Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Tips about Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

X1 MMA discusses the two essential mix martial arts to master. This ancient martial art is likewise referred to as “the science of eight limbs.” In the art of Muay Thai, the hands, elbows knees, and shins are utilized as weapons, hence enabling the practitioner to make use of any part of his body a weapon to safeguard himself or a loved one.

Muay Thai training approaches develop ravaging power, speed, and excellent cardio-vascular endurance. The training, although challenging is also safe. Muay Thai training includes making use of Thai pads to allow the professional to strike with terrible power in a safe and regulated environment. The Thai Pads also allows the fitness instructor to touch the specialist during pad work, testing the expert’s reflexes to move away or obstruct the strike.

The art has also shown to be extremely reliable outside the ring and has been accepted enthusiastically by professionals from police and the military as a no-nonsense approach to self-defense. It is also utilized in MMA where an MMA fighter will use Muay Thai as part of their stand-up toolbox


man doing one hand push up

muay thai fighter extreme training, coach helping out with the timing

– Great cardio exercise as Muay Thai is a quick paced martial art.
– Pad work tones muscles due to the resistance the partner and pads offer.
– Relieve tension and struck the pads. Enables the professional to practice the methods with full power in a safe environment.
– Ideal for body coordination as Muay Thai is a martial art that works all planes of motion.
– It is a basis for self-defense. The strategies are standard, practical and easy to learn with no flashy moves.
– Competitions. This opens a lot of doors in ending up being the best worldwide. The practitioners can compete in various tournaments in Honolulu, regional parts of the United Stated and, or worldwide.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, also called BJJ. Its founder Helio Gracie won various competitions versus bigger and stronger opponents utilizing this martial art.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu does not concentrate on strikes, but instead the techniques use the ideas of weight displacement, area, and take advantage of to conquer a challenge.

Since of these principles, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu makes it possible for a smaller and weaker individual to defeat a larger and stronger opponent. This has made Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a technically efficient martial art.
The methods include throws, takedowns, joint locks, and chokes. It also teaches the professional the best ways to leave from the various techniques, and how to counter them. It is likewise used in MMA where an MMA fighter will use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as part of their ground battling toolbox.


– Practitioners with typical problems can train, as BJJ techniques do not have any effect on the joints.
– Builds agility on the ground as many methods are executed from the ground.
– Allows a smaller, weaker individual to conquer a larger, more powerful person.
– Allows the professional to practice at full speed and power to resemble a real fight or competitors safely.
– Competitions– The professionals can complete in the different competition in Honolulu or globally.

Tips on improving your Jiu Jitsu, first is consistency!

Mikaela Mayer and Ronda Rousey training together

Seems like Rousey has brought Mikaela Mayer to get some training done. Mayer posted in her Instagram a photo with Rousey a sweaty body after training session at Glendale Fight Club. In her Instagram post caption:

“Good first sparring session with the champ. 👊🏼 @rondarousey #FearTheReturn #boxing #judo #mma #sparring #trainingcamp #womeninsports #olympians #olympics #rondarousey #gfc #la #@ufc #teamrousey @usaboxing @olympics #ufc207 #rouseyvsnunes”

a photo of Ronda Rousey and Mikaela Mayer

Watch the two Fighters spend time together as normal human being:

followed by another post yesterday:

mikaelamayer Just fighting my way through this thing called #Life. 👊🏼😎💯#motivationmonday #worktime #boxing#trainingcamp #usa #teamusa

The fighter, Mayer, with over 24, 200+ followers is certainly very excited for the coming UFC event. On that particular post she made yesterday, it got 2,004 shares plus this not one included! We are proud of you and we wish to see your upcoming fights!

Stay tuned for more X1 MMA updates!


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